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You're here because you need the help of a Forensic Audio Expert. It can be confusing if you’ve not worked with a forensic expert before.

Sound Testimony® provides audio authentication (detecting editing & tampering), improves recorded speech comprehension with intelligibility enhancement, and many other services. Our proprietary hardware/software systems work to recover intelligible speech and other sounds from noise-intensive backgrounds & poorly recorded media.

By specializing in AUDIO, we offer a wider array of services than the typical Forensic Audio/Video company. While you won’t need all of our services, we will explain the one or more forensic services that you might need. Please call or send us an email with any questions.


Sound Testimony® uses advanced computer analysis to perform forensic audio recording authentication, recording enhancement, and advanced audio analysis. For a complete list of our Services, please click below.

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We offer Forensic Audio Services to a wide range of clients. Whether you are a legal professional or a private individual, we’re here to help you.

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